Business Professional Outfits

Are you looking to elevate your business professional style? Just looking for better outfits for work and business purposes? Welcome to Styled by Sami LLC, your personal fashion consultant.

As a professional image consultant, it is my job to assess your personality and character and put together the best outfits that will make you look amazing, have you feeling extremely comfortable and taking everyone’s breathe away!

Business professional outfits is such a broad category. The various types of business professional scenarios include but are not limited to:

  • Daily Grind / Everyday Business Attire
  • Special Work Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • Interviews
  • Women’s Business Casual Clothing
  • Men’s Business Casual Clothing
  • Specific Business Environments
  • And more!

Get started today to begin your fashion makeover and improve your confidence with Styled by Sami LLC fashion stylist services!

Get Started


One of the consultant services I offer is a virtual consultation. Together, we can meet virtually, on a platform of your choice. We will go over your wants and needs, your loves and hates and I’ll get a feel for your personality.

After the virtual consultation, I’ll go through the process of curating outfits and items of clothing for you. I can share and discuss each item with you.


With my in-store personal stylist consultant service, we can go shopping together! Aside from having fun and being your shopping buddy I’ll be able to use my experience and expertise to pick out the perfect apparel for you!

The best thing about the in-store consultation is that you’re able to try everything on before you buy it! This is the best way for us to see you shine in the new outfits.


Another type of consultant service I offer is in-person personal stylist services. I offer this solution for those who want to have an entire wardrobe audit. I can visit you at your home and from there we can review your wardrobe.

Afterwards we can online shop together for the perfect outfits and clothing. Its a great experience that you can do from the comfort of your own home!