Northville Fashion Stylist

Northville is an historical, 150-year old city with beautiful neighborhoods, plenty of parks and trails and an awesome downtown area! Downtown Northville has more than 75 shops, boutiques, and restaurants to explore all along a walk-able atmosphere.

Between the Highland Lakes Shopping Center, Northville Square and all of the shops downtown including: Alexander’s Custom Clothiers, Dear Prudence, Lorla’s Woman’s Shoes & Accessories and Van Dam’s Clothing Boutique … you have a ton of options!

In-Store Personal Stylist Services

One of the main services that I offer is in-store personal fashion consultation and it is absolutely perfect for Northville! Together, we can explore all of the different shops and stores you like. During this shopping escapade I will curate all of the different types of outfits that you want or need. You can try on these different outfit combinations and then purchase the ones you’re happy with! With my experience and expertise, I’ll have you looking fantastic and feeling loving everything about yourself!

In-Person Personal Stylist Services

One of my other popular services that I offer is in-person personal fashion consulting. Whether you live in Northville, MI or in the general area, I can come directly to your house! We will go through your wardrobe together and I will help you find new ways to wear clothing that you already own! We will also be able to shop online together at your favorite stores. I’ll be able to curate your online shopping cart with outfits that will make you shine!

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